Ricki-Lee ‘Do It Like That’ stills

A few weekends ago i took some stills on the set of Ricki-Lee‘s music video for new single Do It Like That for her label EMI.

And a shot i did on the day is the new single cover.

I love seeing how they light things on film shoots. It’s always an education observing the Directors of Photography in action. They’re far more knowledgable about light than most photographers.

From a stills perspective it’s quite straightforward, because everything is all laid out for you and you can’t control too much. The talent and location is already styled and it’s all lit for you. So part of the skill is in being a ninja and not getting in anyone’s way. Stills aren’t a priority for the crew so you have to be incredibly discrete and stay out of the way. And if you do need some time one on one with the talent you best summon up your charm skills so they schedule it in.

Here’s the music video:

And credits:

Production Co: Cooper St Films
Director: Emma Tomelty
Producer: Nick Bryant
DOP: James L Brown
Choreographer: Marko Panzic
Editor: Brad Hurt
Colourist: Heather Hay at FSM
Online Compositor: Howie Hill at FSM