13 seconds with Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy in Time Out Melbourne magazine

I’ve written before about the brief nature of junket hotel room shoots, and here’s another good example with American Pie star Eugene Levy.

It was shot at the tail end of a 20 minute Time Out interview in the Sydney Intercontinental Hotel.

I looked up the time stamp on these shots, and there’s 13 seconds from start to finish.

I set up the same lighting as i did for the Robin Williams shoot, my Canon Speedlite in a little Photoflex Octabox.

In terms of direction, i simply asked him to adjust his glasses. Lo and behold – that was the frame that illustrated the story.


  1. Nice shot(s)! Question: you say you “asked him to adjust his glasses.” Was that because his glasses needed adjusting, or because you wanted to shoot him adjusting his glasses? You were obviously ready to catch him, but I’m wondering if it was a bit of “direction” or a bit of “styling”? Subtle difference I suppose. Either way, nicely done.

  2. It was more for the action that I asked him to do it. The glasses were fine but I wanted the gesture.

  3. Making all the other portrait photographers look bad, once again. Nice photos. I understand full well the time limits their managers employ and you do such a good job with the time you have.

  4. So just one light? Up high and to the RHS of the cam? Great shot.

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