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While New York has a mass of quality music blogs, Australia seems fairly quiet on that front – or the blogs just aren’t very visible. So i’ve decided to assemble a list of blogs written by Australians, primarily about music.

Some host mp3s, some are news and reviews, some are better than others.

If you’ve any more to suggest leave a comment. Feel free to suggest your own site.

UPDATE 12/6/09

Three years later a lot more good Aussie music blogs have surfaced. Check out the list on Way Cool Jnr.


  1. How good is the Sandwich Club?
    It’s as good, if not better than most of the big overseas blogs… go aussie

  2. I took some photos of the Dave McCormack show on 12MC. Thanks for plugging 🙂

  3. Good list Dan. Thanks for opening my eyes to these sites.
    ‘Get big, little kid’ is a corker!
    (Nice Okkervil River reference as well)

  4. not really a music/mp3 blog. but if the music bits count at all. i’d love to be on the cool kids list.
    ps. yes ‘get big little kid’ rules! =D

  5. Thankyou for this much needed list. I now have a few more favourite sites!
    Peter (Open Your Eyes)

  6. Thanks for the plug Dan! I promise the Radiohead-monopoly on my blog is ending.
    For now.

  7. Excellent list of sites… it’s impossible to find good music blogs in Oz!

  8. dan, youre a champ!
    there was a few in there i had no idea about that are killer!

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