Star Wars Unwrapped

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star wars

The other week i photographed the installation of the Star Wars exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum.

Along with the costumes and props from the film, they flew in a team of American curators to install the exhibit.

darth wrapped up

It was a pretty strange sight seeing the menacing figure of Darth Vader unceremoniously taken out of his plastic wrapping and getting his cape steamed.

star wars installation at powerhouse
darth vader
storm trooper wrapped up
star wars powerhouse installation

More photos in a slideshow at Time Out Sydney.


  1. That is so cool! I’m a Star Wars fan and I wish they can do something like a museum over here.

  2. The Kubrick Exhibition would have been good to get photos in a few years ago, but it was not allowed. You were also not allowed to ride the bomb they had set up for Dr Strangelove. HAL from 2001 was the lens from a Nikon camera and some of the staff sat in the director’s wheelchair from The Shining and pushed each other around at the party I heard.

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