U2 turn Sydney Red

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My buddy Elmo and I have been long time U2 fans, so when we heard Bono was in town to launch World Aids Day ahead of their Australian tour we scoured our media contacts to get access.

Turns out it wasn’t that hard, and with a scrum of TV crews, radio people, photographers and journalists we assembled at the Opera House where he was flicking the switch to turn the Opera House and Harbour Bridge red.

Bono was joined by his band mates (although Larry Mullen chose to remain away from the cameras) as well as PM Julia Gillard, Premier Kristina Keneally and Wendy McCarthy from the Pacific Friends of the Global Fund.

Julia Gillard entranced by the Bono charm forcefield

Bono talks as the Premier and PM look on

One of Elmo’s longtime ambitions is to interview Bono. With the scrum of media present and no guarantee that Bono would speak to anyone i didn’t like her chances of getting a one on one chat. But the stars aligned and after official proceedings were over Bono started chatting to the media. With the tenacity of Lucy from triple j, they lured him near and next thing i know Elmo was chatting with Bono. I’m not sure how long it was for. Probably only 5 minutes or so. But there it was, Elmo interviewing Bono.

And then, as if it couldn’t get any better, before Bono disappeared into the night he leans in and kisses Elmo on the cheek. Dreams realised.

I’m sure she’ll share her version of events in a far more eloquent fashion soon.

In the meantime here’s a few more of my snaps from the event.

Bono talks to the media as the red sails of the Opera House loom

The Sydney Harbour Bridge turned red


  1. Dan and Elmo, this is awesome. You know how jealous I am!
    You got some really fabulous shots of him, Daniel. 🙂
    he’s lookin fit!

  2. Great photos Dan. Good to see you last night- thanks for the link 🙂

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