Dan Kelly and Gareth Liddiard in Rolling Stone

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A double page spread in the April issue of Rolling Stone Australia

I had a couple of fun photo assignments published in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone, first up was some pictures with Gareth Liddiard and Dan Kelly who are soon to embark on a national tour together.

As is often the case it was a last minute shoot with no particular brief or vision in mind, but we decided we’d meet up at Clovelly beach and go from there. Fortune favoured us with overcast skies and a big empty blue swimming pool where we did nearly all the photos.

The double page opening shot is somewhat of a visual cliche for those head to head interview stories, but it works well on the page.

Getting two dudes up so close and personal is sometimes uncomfortable and often devolves into giggles as this out-take shows.

Gareth Liddiard and Dan Kelly head to head


The inside shot was the two of the kicking back laying on the pool floor. As you do.

And here’s a few others that didn’t make the story.